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Anthony Williams, Director of Music and Audio

A. Williams

Director of Music and Audio

I am a Hip Hop lifer since I began spinning vinyl way back in the days in 1982 in New Haven, Connecticut.  This passion later grew into B-Boying, Graff Writing, Emceeing and finally, producing authentic Hip Hop music. I co-founded Old School Scholar, Inc. to further my creativity in traditional Hip Hop culture with global aspirations to move the crowd.

My journey continues.

Ralph Quick, Director of Content and Interactivty

R. Quick

Director of Content and Interactivity

Since the late 1970s, I grew up on Hip Hop before I knew her name. I was first blessed by Kurtis Blow, Sugar Hill Records, and old disco tapes playing from neighbors who moved down from New York City to South Florida. I was sucked in when I heard DJs back-spinning James Brown, saw kids dancing funkier than anyone could on Soul Train, Graff denim jackets, and the eruption of  Planet Rock.  I eventually dove into Graff, Rhymin', and making dope beats.

Today I am a co-founder of Old School Scholar, Inc. because Hip Hop culture has been very good to me.

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