America’s Most Hunted: Part 2 of 4

This story will continue over the week as a 4 part series. Enjoy! Read Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

Corporate Hip Hop SlaveThere are those that say “rap music sold out to the BCM (Bloodsucking Corporate Machine), and it’s proud to have done so, it has no regrets.” Well, if you’re an avid visitor to our website, you know how I feel about that in our article The Green Dictator. Click on it and read it. You’ll understand (I hope).

A few are mentioning that rap music isn’t dead; it’s just suffering from Alzheimer’s, it has forgotten where it came from. I’ve expressed that point in our article Weeds In Hip Hop. I recommend you to click on that and read it as well. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will agree with the article.

Some also say, “you know what the problem is man? Everybody knows how to rap, but not everybody knows how to emcee.” This is true, because it’s hard to emcee, but it’s easy to rap. However, that’s when you could say where the death of rap music becomes the illusion.

You see, on the grand scale of things in the Hip Hop culture, emcees lead, rappers follow. The rewards for emcees are slow and moderate. the rewards for rappers are fast and furious. This is why the killer sets its sight more on the rappers than anybody else in rap music. So since we’re trying to survive in a world where everybody wants everything, not now but right now, it should be no surprise to see what we’re seeing in rap music today.

Flavor Flave Where Is The Good RapOthers out there are even saying “rap music needs a heart transplant.” Most respond to that asking, “what heart? Yo, it needs one to have one!” I most definitely agree, but let’s make sure that we’re both on the same page on this point.

I do believe what we’re talking about is the lack of work ethics in some of today’s rap music. It’s always hilarious nowadays to see and hear any of these rappers promote their albums. The killer will have them frontin’ trying to persuade their bubble gum fans, that they put a lot of hard work into it. However, when the truth is revealed, their rap album ends up being what I call, a flat-liner.

The old trying to put lipstick on a pig tactic or the whip cream with the cherry on top of a pile of feces. The words “work ethic” in a rapper are non-existent!

Remember, fast and furious;quick and easy. That’s how they roll!…..

[continue to Part 3 of 4 later this week]

Hip Hop Compares The Old School To The New School

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