America’s Most Hunted: Part 3 of 4

This story will continue over the week as a 4 part series. Enjoy! Read Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

Blame is laid down on the radio waves. Some people are screamin’, “they need to be called radio slaves!” Well let’s see, could the killer that we’re hunting for be operating from all urban radio stations nationwide? It could very well be that the killer may not be working alone at these stations. So who’s helping the killer out? Could it be the presidents of these stations? Or is it the program directors?

Real Hip Hop Is Not on RadioYou see until around the mid 90s there was this thing among most if not all urban radio stations. This particular thing made radio broadcasting healthy. The thing that these stations was thriving on was called competition. Do you remember them doing things like, rush it or flush it, bump it or dump it, play it or delay it? Seems like the killer is making damn sure that never happens again.

As far back as the late 50s, music promoters used to pay radio DJs on the side to put their latest production on the playlist. Here we are in the 21st century and the playlist is still alive and well. However, its name has been changed to protect the rich. Its first name is “The must play list,” and its last name is “Or else you’re fired!” It’s the killer who gave it the name, and it’s the killer who decides what and who goes on the list.

Now on this particular list, the killer gets a song to play every hour on the hour. For example, 9:05, 10:05, 11:05, 12:05, 1:05 etc, etc. Do you now understand why they need to be called radio slaves? Just another piece to the killer’s master plan.

I wonder if anybody knows the fingers of the music recording executives are pointing at their own customers. They’re stuck on saying, “hey, it ain’t us! We’re just giving them what they want!” How the hell would they know that? Did any of them actually hit the streets and asked them?

Now here’s where the killer uses the skill of brainwashing which in turn manipulates the rapper on using the same method he or she does with their business operation; quick and easy, fast and furious. They always play it safe by regurgitating the same old image and the same old sound like everyone else. It’s laziness by the pseudo Hip-Hop recording companies. That’s another part of the killer’s master plan.

Some are blaming the gentrification of independent Hip-Hop recording Labels. Labels such as Fresh Records, 4th and Broadway, Profile Records, First Priority Music, Jive Records, Reality Records, Sleeping Bag Records, Select Records, Cold Chillin’, B-Boy Records, Ruthless Records, Next Plateau Records, Prism Records, Uptown Records, Tommy Boy and many, many more! Once they all were either bought out or folded, the crafty silent killer removed the artistic developmental standards and values from the major recording labels.

major label eats independent record label - banksyThe one thing about the major recording companies, that’s important for you to keep in mind, is that you the consumer are never their number one concern! The bottom line to their way of thinking is to do whatever it takes to please their stockholders. Again, it is laziness, ladies and gentlemen! Laziness!

How about those people who say “Niggas, brothers, bitches, sisters, Hip-Hop, rap…. what’s the difference? They all mean the same damn thing!” Could it be that they’re playing the part of the killer’s strategy? I don’t know about you, but what I see here is the killer trying to force us to incorporate the ignorance and the garbage within our Hip-Hop culture.

In the very beginning we were brothers and sisters doing positive things with negative energy. Thirty plus years later, the killer seems to have twisted everything the other way around! Now we’re just a bunch of niggas and bitches doing negative things with positive energy.

So in my opinion, what needs to happen immediately is a major amputation. Delete the ignorance and the garbage from our Hip-Hop culture. Disassociate Hip-Pop from Hip-Hop by telling everyone in sight that, “Hip-Pop has nothing to do with our culture.” It is well influenced by our culture, but it has nothing to do with it.

Let everybody know that Hip-Pop music is the BCM’s weak imitation of the authentic Hip-Hop sound. The killer is the one who manufactured it!…..

[continue to Part 4 of 4 later this week]

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