Another Hip Hop Music History Documentary

Here is another documentary covering the history of Hip Hop music from Cedar Park to the beginning of the music video awards. Apparently this TV documentary was about the 30 year history of Hip Hop music but we are only getting 15 instead. The poster states he is presenting parts 1 and 2 on so I assume there are more sequences missing. I have never seen this before until now. I am sure most of you have already viewed it, yet it would be good if you pass this post on for those you know may have missed out.

Unfortunately, this is a presentation from the suckers at Viacom, but it seems to be pretty good stuff none-the-less or else I would not have posted it. It definitely shows Hip Hop music’s innocence until the MC became a video diva thanks to heavy MTV rotation.


Be sure to install Veoh’s video player to view video in your browser, and even download the entire feature length presentation.

And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop Music

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