Attention All DJs: Has Arrived For You!

Unlike the rest of the world, the DJ element in Hip Hop music has been neglected for a long time in the United States by many rap acts and even the recording industry, but one thing big corporations can not comprehend is that the DJ, or Turntablist, continues to live on! The simple reason why you can not kill off DJs is because nobody can stop the music! And as long as there is real Hip Hop there will always be DJs.

Long live the DJ, and respect the technique!

logo mixcrate Attention All DJs: Has Arrived For You!

There are many social networking sites throughout the internet dedicated to recording artists and music, but I have engaged with one particular site that truly opened my eyes and ears; They have officially launched today, and we at Old School Scholar wish to congratulate their success and future prosperity. For the first time we will have a community site fully dedicated to the audio sounds of Scratch DJs, Mixmasters, Megamixers, and Turntablists! is the site where all DJs can share their personal voices, speaking with their hands, and network with the world.

Other than Hip Hop music, there are many other genre styles of DJ mixes uploaded here including House, Funk, Acid Jazz , Drum and Bass, to name a few. Of course, these mixes are all forms invented, evolved, and inspired by the essence of the Hip Hop culture. If you are a DJ who wishes to share and promote yourself just register and create your profile then upload your mixes. Many hungry ears are waiting to listen to you!

The following excerpt is the official PR release from to further amplify our story about their exciting community created for all DJs. Enjoy! brings “Community” back to the DJ.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – November 16th, 2009 – Mixcrate announced the official launch of an innovative and free-community based site for DJs to share their mixes with peers and their fans.

The platform is designed to allow DJs to distribute their work on-line.  The site features a rating system and allows members to comment and leave feedback on any of the mixes they choose.  DJs, who have uploaded their own material, can easily view a matrix of statistics on each of their mixes which include: number of times recommended, play count, download count and number of comments received on their mixes.

In addition, to encourage a rapid dissemination of material, Mixcrate has integrated tools that allow members to easily share the mixes with any of their contacts on popular social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

The idea for Mixcrate began two years ago. Founder, Chris Yee, mentioned the idea to Genghis Mendoza during a lunch at their Silicon Valley tech job. Both of them grew up in the San Francisco mobile DJ scene and realized that marrying their passion for DJing and Web Development could create a user-focused destination that builds on the idea of community. Site development began less than five months ago and was quietly launched to 20 DJ friends and family members to help test. Suddenly the site gained international viewership from countries like China, Germany, France and Canada during the testing period.

Chris Yee describes the service as “… a music distribution platform that enables DJ artists and their fans to discover and share mixsets for the purposes of promoting DJs and their mixes online.”

“The community aspect of DJing has been an essential part of what’s been lost in the new age of digital technology…”, says partner Genghis Mendoza. “We’re creating a community for DJs to share and learn; an environment that fosters interactions between DJ peers and music listeners.  Those new to the trade, and the hobbyists, now have a safe place to gain insight from some of our legends.  Really, it’s all about building community, sharing and innovation.”

Chris and Genghis are joined by a small staff of DJs, software engineers and staff writers who contribute to the blog and product. “We expect a slew of product updates in the next few months, that build on a number of community features that will allow our users to change the way they share music. Expect more from us soon.” says Chris Yee.

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