Battle of the Year 2009 Final Results

We apologize for not keeping tabs on all of the recent B-Boy events especially Battle of the Year Finals which occurred just about two weeks ago. We have not been properly prioritizing events like we should which is why we are considering an international Hip Hop cultural calender for the world to follow; including us.

B-Boys and street dancers are extremely important to Hip Hop as a whole which is why we have been disgusted with rappers neglecting them (and DJs, Graff Writers, and Beatboxers) in performances and video. They rather include booty poppin’ hoodrats and synchronized dance groups, but neglect real dancers from the streets who are battle tested, too. Of course that is entirely a whole other story!

Being that we are in the United States there is not enough exposure to B-Boying events and competitions compared to the international community. We at Old School Scholar encourage anyone who has been personally following B-Boy events to visit our Contact Page and submit news to us to report. We will give you full credit along with a direct link to promote your website in the article. We definitely could use someone to report the on goings of special events at Battle of the Year, Write 4 Gold, Cyon, DMC, Rock the Bells, and other festivities.

If you wish to be the man on the street. Holler at us with your news!

Anyways, here are the 2009 final results from Battle of the Year.

Battle Of The Year 2009
Best Show: All Area (Japan)
Final Battle:
1. Gamblerz (Korea)
2. Top 9 (Russia)
Gamblerz (Korea) vs. Phase T (France)
All Area (Japan) vs. Top9 (Russia)

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