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Lil Wayne Rap Music that is corporate Bought, Owned, and SoldQuestion:

” When did rap music get half-naked?”

I’ve got another question:

“When did rap music become a tool for exploitation and prostitution?”

I’ve got one more question for you:

“Why the hell don’t we display the true visual aspects of Hip Hop in rap music videos today?”

I will give you my answer to those three questions later.

First, I must tell you what I feel whenever I see a rap music video. B-Boys and Ladies, what I feel when I see one is this…. Nothing! I don’t feel a damn thing! I don’t feel hyped, inspired, proud or even visually stimulated. Is it me or is every one of these rap music videos directed by the same person?

All that director can see is the same pseudo Hip Hop theme. I call that theme “the financial fantasy theme”. It’s all about, “Look at me! Look at me! Look at how much money I’ve got! Look at how many girls I’m doing!” Instead of, “Check out my lyrical skills that’s paying my bills!” or content that is topically edifying.

There are many rap fans out there today whom are sick and tired of the same vision done over and over and over again. However, the bloodsucking corporate machine will tell you that “sex sells,” and “we got to give the people what they want.”50 Cent Rap Music that is corporate Bought, Owned, and Sold

We as artists need to find our inner strength to respond to that notion and say, “Even McDonald’s and Burger King realized that they couldn’t just sell hamburgers!”

Remember those three questions that I posed to you? Well my heartfelt answer to them is this:

The marketing of Rap Music videos became a mainstream exploitation ring of sex, cultural prostitution, and artistic disability for the love for money!!

Can it be stopped? Well, that’s up to your inner strength, isn’t it?

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