Beat This!: A BBC Hip Hop Culture Documentary From 1984

I got another gem of a documentary for you! Thank you BBC for filming Beat This! when the Old School of the Hip Hop culture was growing. What is beautiful about this piece is its coverage of the entire culture for what it was in 1983 – 1984 just a few years shy of the Golden Age. The videographers just let the pioneering personalities be themselves and showcase at what they do best!

It is a brilliant yet simple coverage of the aesthetics of the Hip Hop culture when it was first making international leaps and bounds thanks to European fascination. This video is just dope as hell to me for what it is! It is an important period piece which is why I feel it is important for you to watch and absorb it. Imagine the impact the Hip Hop culture was making once this piece aired in western Europe? You know this must have blown the minds of the UK youth back then along with Style Wars, Wild Style, and when Jeffrey Daniels did the moonwalk on BBC. This too is, a milestone for the beginning of the international exposure of the Hip Hop culture!

I have heard about this documentary before, and now I have finally got to see it. The film had some weird eccentric edits but overall it was very enjoyable as another window to study the history of the Hip Hop culture. There are lots of Afrika Bambaataa, The Soulsonic Force, Cold Crush Brothers, Kool Herc, Sha Rock, Lisa Lee, Brim, Dynamic Rockers, and of course there is that new wave pop, culture vulture Brit, Malcolm McLaren. McLaren was essential to the video for its BBC audience discussing Hip Hop as if he returned from a journey in the Amazon.

Now enough said! Go enjoy this 55 minute documentary right now!

If you install Veoh’s video player you will be able to view this video in your browser and download this film for future enjoyment. Peace!

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