BeatBoxing Acapella Group: Naturally Seven

We have quite a few popular, contemporary jazz vocalists who can breeze some smooth acapellas like Bobby McFerrin and Take 6, but what if there was an acapella group who can whip the stage the same way through beat-boxing? Well, allow me to introduce to you Naturally Seven from New York City who coined the term of their acapella hybrid beat-boxing as “vocal play.”

I love innovation and diversity in Hip Hop, and to hear these brothers kick melodies with rocking boom-bap beats, sound effects, and buttery vocals is a true delight! Naturally Seven opens up new performing frontier possibilities for Hip Hop artists to lay hold and incorporate. When I first heard these dudes on the following videos, all I could image is them rocking the sounds with emcees like De La Soul, Jurassic 5Souls of Mischief, Large Professor, Black Thought, Talib Kweli, and Greg Nice to flow to.  They are kicking hard in Europe. Now somebody, please, get these brothers on a large card in North America to perform because what they bring to the table is dope!

It is not like we have never have heard something like this before from an individual, but it is a matter we get to see this done on a professional sweet level like this as a solid group effort! Naturally Seven has the open mic to assist real  and original Hip Hop music back to the spotlight like it was meant to be. Yes, they are definitely for real, and they are proof the American recording industry is a failure for neglecting talent like this!

I know the heads in the NYC can’t be sleeping on this!

Check out these videos if you do not believe what I am saying!

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