Blocked Parties

What is a neighborhood watch? It is supposed to be a close-knit community with one eye on its surroundings. This is to keep out and/or report any noticeable illegal activities that may occur. In my opinion, it doesn’t work, I’ll explain later.Old School Block Party

Our Homeboy, GrandSinister Ice (our official DJ for, told us a few stories on how neighborhoods came out and stayed together, for the most part, by having neighborhood block parties. The one thing that stood out to me in his tales was that 95% of the time the parties were static free. No guns just fun! Local rappers would grab the microphone and work on their emceein’ skills by reciting the rhymes he or she wrote that week. Also, B-boys would form a circle and display their latest moves. The 5% static that did happen was when the local police drove by and ordered the DJ to shut it down despite having permission from the city.

Now, allow me to ask you this,

“Is there any way that a Hip Hop DJ can have a neighborhood block party today?”

To my fellow B-Boys and Girls, in my opinion, I say, “Hell no!!!”

Ignorance, foolishness, and hate killed the block party! You know it’s usually because of that someone, due to ignorance, jealousy, and envy, who would act up and bring a deadly weapon. He would bring that weapon with a just in case paranoid mentality or to play the thug card. Or that someone would be strapped to rob the DJ for his equipment, to jack somebody for jewelry and gear, or to trip on someone for getting too much attention from the ladies. That someone would also be a sissy who took a B-boy or MC challenge way too seriously and pick a fight.

I will say it again, the neighborhood watch doesn’t work because most people in the world today are all about “self.” What can someone do for me? Not what can we do for each other! That’s what Hip Hop block parties brought. It brought a sense of family! Family can snuff out the sparks of ignorance, foolishness, hate, jealousy and envy. Hip Hop is about communities sticking together, supporting each other, and celebrating together. It is what ended the gangs of New York in the 1970s and brought forth consciousness.

It’s just a damn shame that a block party can never be done again until…

Brixton Block Party c/o

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