Breakin’ and Enterin’: Old School Los Angeles Hip Hop Roots

Most of the old school Hip Hop documentaries being presented in our recent posts have reflected what has originated and transpired in New York City, but some dance styles of the Hip Hop culture, Funk Styles in particular, has originated in California. Poppin‘, lockin’, hittin’, which are evolutions of the robot, had much of its origins on the West Coast thanks to pioneers such as Charles “Robot” Washington, Don “Campbellock” Campbell, James “Skeeter Rabbit” Higgins, Edwin ” Buddy GoGo” Lombard, Tony “Go Go” Lewis, and Sam “Boogaloo” Solomon. These pioneers developed their dance style innovations to the grooves of funk music before Hip Hop music began. Evidence of Funk Style dancing has been well recorded and documented in many episodes of Soul Train since it first aired in 1970 (which was one of my favorite regular child hood programs.)

It was not until the 1980s  funk style dancing merged with B-Boying When at that time New York Hip Hop music became big on the West Coast. It was a natural merge and progression thanks to the funk roots and inspirations in Hip Hop music. Funk Styles and B-Boying to this day have a wonderful, beautiful marriage spawning several other dance inspirations around the world!

Although this article is mainly talking about the dance element, this is not primarily a B-Boy post. This video also focuses on Los Angeles rappers and DJs at the famous Radio Club aka Radiotron. The cast as the Radio Crew consists of legends and West Coast pioneers Ice T, Egyptian Lover, Chris “The Glove” Taylor, and Henry G. Also appearing and performing are legends the Blue City Strutters (Boo Ya Tribe), Shabba Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp, Pop’n Taco, and Kid Frost. There was a graff artist in the flick, but I did not get his name. If anyone knows it feel free to comment.

Breakin’ and Enterin’ was produced in 1983, and it was the precursor film that led to the motion picture Breakin’ starring most of the aforementioned. Enjoy viewing this documentary about LA Hip Hop culture in its early infancy before the Gangsta Rap explosion. Today, the West Coast is one hell of a super power when it comes to true school Hip Hop with the likes of People Under The Stairs, Murs, Q Bert, Dr. Dre, Mix Master Mike, JabbaWockeeZ, and tons of dope Graff Writers!


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  1. Yo That mouse hangin up the LA sign is a fake he didnt come up with it he bit it! the original one is from “SLICK” the graffiti artist not sketch or wuteevers

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