Bring It Back: Hip Hop Heads Unite For Real Culture!

Real Hip Hop lives right now! Not just yesterday and not until tomorrow, but right now! It never died. It never lied. It never committed suicide because real Hip Hop lives right now!

Hip Hop in the United States has been diluted no thanks to corporate urban marketing and franchising the ghetto fabulous image thereby slandering the essence of the culture. Somewhere along the line Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun ” has been shuffled to the side to sell the image of materialism, thuggery, lasciviousness, and self ideology.

Yet thanks to the international community and the underground scenes in North America, real Hip Hop still lives right now for the masses! To name a few, check out the brothers and sisters in Japan, Korea, France, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Uganda, South Africa, China, the Netherlands, Ireland, England, New Zealand, and Australia doing the body of the culture good. Why? Because real Hip Hop lives right now in their borders!

I want you to be inspired. I want you to collaborate. I want you to get creative and reach out to your fam in the streets. I want you to grab your favorite jam and crank it up! I want you to put on a track of your favorite lyricist and rhyme along! I want you to get out your black book and scratch up some dope outlines and fill them in with some choice Pantone markers! I want your sneakers burning the floor to some funky rhythms! I want you to dig in the crates and pull out a pair of Ultimate Breaks and Beats and do some back-spinning! I want you to pucker up and exhales the perfect beat that will make James Brown proud!


Because real Hip Hop lives right now!

Check out these united brothers and sisters south of the Bay Area in San Jose, California doing it up at the event Bring It Back. Do not get it twisted. They are not bringing back Hip Hop because it never left. No! They are adamant to bring back the community of Hip Hop into its rightful place as a conscious youth movement in their local area.

I believe we should be very inspired with more events such as this like the Crotona Park Jams during this past Summer in the Bronx. These gatherings are very necessary and more important than some overpriced concert tour sponsored by Coke and Sprint. You feel me?

The Hip Hop culture is for the people, from the people, about the people. So let’s be inspired and celebrate the people of Hip Hop the way we do it best as one nation under a groove. Maybe even as a week long festival like Calle Ocho in Miami!

All elements, styles, techniques, flavors, vapors, nations, generations, and personalities united as one pulse for Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun!

BRING IT BACK ’09 SAN JOSE, CA from DE BUG on Vimeo.

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