Chinese Grandmother Embraces Her Own Youth Through Hip Hop

It is well understood the Hip Hop culture is a collective youth movement and form of expression around the world. It knows no age. As a matter of fact, many of our own pioneers still harness their youth through the freedom in Hip Hop bringing forth new wisdom. This is a wonderful thing for us all, which also capitalizes the old saying that only the good die young.

What would you think if I told you there is a video about a 70 year old woman in China who actively embraces Hip Hop? Would you think it was just a gimmick or novelty, or would you think this is a woman who has found her fountain of youth and ability to connect with the younger generation? I say the latter. She is very energetic and enthusiastic, and she loves her freedom through it.

Maybe she can teach you a thing or two by how she expresses her personal liberation in today’s China. I know she will put a smile on your face when she talks about her story and dances.  And yes, she is in great shape.

Check out this 8 minute piece called Wu Tang Gran.


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