Crucial For The Crate: 10 Dope Cuts You Must Own!

This is Q Ball here! I was talking to GrandSinister Ice, Danger S, and Da Emazing One a while back about dope Hip Hop tracks every head must own in their collection. At first we talked about songs that set the trend or songs that changed the game, but the conversation simply evolved into creating an essential collection every Hip Hop culture enthusiast, music lover, street dancer, DJ, beat junkie, or aspiring artist must own in their collection.

These banging joints range from game breaking classics and obvious hits to bangers you may have slept on. Understand, these recordings are not always going to be just Hip Hop songs but absolute break beat essentials that are indeed crucial for the crate! Back in the days, DJs often battled to see who would win props with the beat of the week. Afrika Bambaataa definitely was the trailblazer in that category going where no DJ has gone before! And that was long before Hip Hop was even recorded or anyone knew what an SP12 was!

If you are new to Hip Hop music’s immense variety because you have been imprisoned by the media outlets, then we have a special treat for you. Today we begin the Crucial For The Crate series where we at Old School Scholar make 10 random recommendations of dope songs everyone should have on their playlist; especially DJs!

I hope we have created a fantastic scavenger hunt for many of you new and old to Hip Hop music. Some songs may need an acquired taste. Some may have to grow on you.  Some songs may have easily been forgotten by you for whatever reason. And some may have missed you completely making you feel like you ain’t down by law no more, but that is okay! We are hear to save the day!

Let’s begin the quest to collect essential dope songs that are Crucial For The Crate per our first round of recommendations by Da Emazing One himself!

This 12″ version was the 1st few records to introduce sampling of break beats to Hip-Hop music.

This particular 12″ version of the song to me fully blasts you with the true ambience of the Hip-Hop sound.

This rap song to me is just my personal fave by 2Pac.

4. Calling Her A Crab by UTFO
This was one of the 1st battle songs to be heard. Brief radio play, but damn near everybody had it on tape.

This song you would find on their Problems Of The World Today single. DLB The Microphone Wizard created a classic Hip Hop track. A got to have for all scratch DJ’s.

This 12″ single is in my opinion is the cleanest bottom heavy Hip Hop track ever created. This song can and should always be used to test sound systems for homes, clubs and concerts.

There are two versions of this song. The best one of the two is on the flip side of Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos single. A classic Hip Hop production.

You would find this song on the B-Side of They Want Efx 12″ single. Jussummen a just simply an all around fun Hip Hop song to play, listen and to jam to.

This cut from their 1st album Hot Cool Vicious is in my opinion the very best song they’ve ever done. Why they never put it out as a single will forever be a Hip Hop mystery. It would’ve put Salt N Pepa on the map a helluva lot earlier.

10. Mahogany by Eric B and Rakim
This cut from his album Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em simply demonstrates that this rap artist can also be a storyteller. Something that He’s not truly known for.

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