Crucial For The Crate: List Number Two

I hope you had a great time last week in building up your Hip Hop music collection with our first Crucial For The Crate shopping list. Like we said before this will be an ongoing series for DJs, and everyone else, who need to bolster up their archives for obvious bangers and rare gems. These cuts will truly provide a variety of sauce, spice, and pepper in your playlist when you need broaden your selections. These recommended productions are also advised due to originality, styles, concepts, and ingenuity for every Hip Hop head to be inspired and to enjoy!

Okay now, here is shopping list number two. Now start digging!

1. Rebel Without A Pause by Public Enemy
This was the barrier breaking b/w side from the Summer of 1987 which kicked down the doors of the Golden Age. In my opinion it is one of the greatest Hip Hop songs ever to be made next to Planet Rock. This was trailblazing! I remember all of my friends geeking over this track from the Kiss and WBLS tapes from the mix shows. Pure rabid hysteria!

2.  Beyond This World by The Jungle Brothers
I can never get enough of this song. The JBs sound matured into a more organic natural funk flow. They were definitely the front runners who gave birth to the Native Tongues. It had that Zulu stamp no doubt!

3. Get Retarded by MC EZ (aka Craig Mack) and Troup (with Diamond J)
So many people never knew Craig Mack did this joint coming out. It was a wicked underground joint with a lovely funk flow. Zoom zoom zoom. Zoom-za-zoom-za-zoom if ya know what I’m saying!

4. One Two – One Two by Ultramagnetic MCs
Kool Keith sinks the rhymes nice and on point. When I think of Keith this song always floods my brain. This joint was extremely dope in my books!

5. Truly Yours by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo
When everybody was on the love rap trend, G Rap said, “to hell with all of you. I am going to make a hate rap!” And he did with dark humor. Check out his ill quality lyrics!

6. Six In The Morning by Ice T
I will never forget hearing this when I was coming up. The imagery was so cinematic. I am suprised nobody made a movie from the story in the lyrics. This is the song that gave birth to Ice T’s fame.

7. Three MCs and One DJ by Beastie Boys
Straight up emcees riding the beats and cuts juggled by the Mix Master Mike the way it use to be done. In my opinion, you aint a real emcee unless you can rock to a live DJ like this no doubt. Everyone else is just faking.

8. Double Trouble Live At The Amphitheater by KK Rockwell and Lil’ Rodney C (Wild Style Original Soundtrack)
My favorite recording on the whole Wild Style soundtrack. The way these brothers were rocking the mics live was pure jubilee. They had the best performance in the whole film hands down, and they definitely rocked the amphitheater as they professed when they were practicing on the stoop. There voices were perfect contrast and flavor. My goodness I am so addicted to this piece. Always will, too!

9. Gamin’ On Ya by People Under The Stairs
This song is straight genius. Never have I heard anyone sampled the midi tunes from the coin operated 1980s game, Galaga. I really think nobody should sleep on this one. I have heard a few busters sample Pac Man but nothing clever. This production was well done and the dope rhymes weigh the track lovely. A must have!

10. East Coast / West Coast Killaz by Group Therapy (from Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath)
This was a hot song in the mid 1990s announcing the end to the East West rivalry the media kept fueling. RBX, KRS One, B Real, and Nas on a Dr. Dre track was sick together. Pure power for the playlist! Where have you been when these heavyweights collaborated?

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