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Hood Treason - NY. OilAs I was checking out the latest current events on our website, I came across an interesting article that was posted yesterday by Thug Life Army.com. By now, almost every Hip Hopper out there has heard the recent criticism of the new school kid, Soulja Boy, by the old school veteran, Ice T. Me, myself and I have no words for this matter, however a Brother by the name of N.Y. Oil had plenty of great words to say on this beef and current Hip Hop Music as a whole.

After hearing him prolifically express his balanced view, I must admit it is damn near a reflection of what Old School Scholar is focused on achieving online; preserve and elevate the culture. N.Y. Oil is definitely rooted in the heart of Hip Hop and speaks as a polished elder. He did not call anyone out of disrespect, yet he did break it down on how to father as a veteran due to the bastardization of today’s rap artists.

Check out the video below. I strongly advise that you listen to what he means; not just hear what he says.

I am proud of this Brother. You should be, too.

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