DJ QBert and DJ Rafik Experiment with Scratch Drumming

Fresh on YouTube, care of, we have turntablists QBert and Rafik having fun with Scratch Drumming. The two infamous DJs wreck shop by “doing an old school trick where they alternate between each other at the ends of each measure.” Simply said, these pros are doing what they always do in their zone when rocking the beats. This video was shot while chillin’ between takes of the DVD Scratchlopedia Breaktannica – 100 Secret Skratches.

According to the YouTube Channel;

Thud Rumble LTD. is a diversified media management company committed to showcasing and expanding the world of the skratch DJ. Working with multi-talented artists in the music industry, Thud Rumble manages musical production, feature film, event architecture, global product manufacturing & distribution, investments, international licensing, Internet properties, and artist management. By creating synergy in these areas, Thud Rumble has been able to enhance and effectively drive the DJ culture internationally.

When I see videos like this, I am very happy knowing DJs around the world are expanding on the passion of manipulating sound from vinyl. I am proud of these artists. The DJ is the most important figurehead in the creation of Hip Hop music, and it is a disgrace how most MCs and rappers in the spotlight sold them out like Judas. They not only have dissed DJs, but these prima donnas have also sold out B-Boys and Graff Writers, too.

Screw Judas, and long live the DJ!

On a final note, QBert is requesting everyone to go to DJ Times and vote for him as the America’s Best DJ for 2008.

Double Skratch Drumming experiments! Rafik and Qbert


Qbert improvising to Rafik’s Drums At the Octagon


Scratchlopedia Breaktannica Demo Trailer


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