DJ Roc Raida Video Tribute Selections

We are saddened at Old School Scholar over the passing of Grandmaster Roc Raida aka Anthony Williams. It is another death that has caught us completely off guard, however we are more celebratory over his excellent contributions to the Hip Hop Culture and turntablism. Let no person’s life ever be in vain when they have truly lived it. In the Hip Hop culture, Roc Raida lived it exponentially!

Apparently he was severely injured from a mixed martial arts sparring session according to third party sources. After two surgeries on his spine Roc Raida appeared to be doing fine, however he experienced fatal complications while recuperating at an inpatient medical facility. Mixed martial arts was a sport he was involved in for several years which he personally enjoyed. His injuries were reported as accidental.

One thing is for sure, DJ Roc Raida is immortalized on video recordings and audio productions created for well over a decade and a half. I am personally a big fan of his turntablism ensembles with the X-Ecutioners and their extensive collection of dope mega-mixes! He is definitely considered one of the best turntablists ever as well as a pro battling scratch DJ.

Roc Raida is a real Hip Hop culture artist who paid real dues. Let he be a great example for you new jacks in everything you do and create. For more information on his funeral arrangements you can check from our family over at

And now I present to you the Immortal Grandmaster Roc Raida!

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