Graffiti NYC: Hugo Martinez Video Close Up

Today I wish to share with you a nice video close up of the legendary graff endorser Hugo Martinez .  Since 1972, this brother has been there in the dirt day one building relationships with numerous graff writers. He is the pioneer of promoting legalized graff and making it culturally acceptable through art galleries and exhibitions (The Razor Gallery). Martinez is also responsible for forming the legendary creative guild, United Graffiti Artists, with the likes of Phase2, Coco 144, Snake, Henry 161, SJK 171, Mike 171, and Stitch 1.

Since then Hugo Martinez has released an important must have book to your Hip Hop cultural library, Graffiti NYC, which details the rise of the writers before Style Wars was made. I think you should check it out right after this nice little close up of the man himself and a few nice videos of the UGA crew and its members.


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One Response to “Graffiti NYC: Hugo Martinez Video Close Up”

  1. I understand that graffiti art came along in a protest to the mainstream brainwashing practices by the big corporations including the government and similar instances. The loud voice of suppressed artists was meant i guess to give us all a wake up call. However some of the artist growing older turned completely opposite from their primeval thoughts and deeds. Hugo Martinez is nowadays playing big shot literary torturing stuff under him, humiliating them, disrespecting and completely ignoring their dignity. I understand also that he is a legendary person but he turned into a monster, same as the corporate heads which he was originally so against. For me, that’s a typical weakness of a common man who came from the slums and turned into a wealthy bastard. He definitely lost my respect. He stayed in my house and has showed by his arrogant behaviour disrespect for my hospitality. I believe in true heroes and he is certainly not one of them.

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