Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment: Lecture By KRS One

As many conscious heads know, KRS One tours the universities of the world spreading the essence of the Hip Hop culture from its origins to its current social state. Much of his teachings are simple breakdowns of socio-political conditions and catalysts which contributed to the emergence of the culture we know and love. If you are a young head, you should never take for granted teachings such as this or any documented material available in writing or video. Not just for the sake of knowledge but for your sake of maturing in the Hip Hop culture.

In this 2004 lecture recorded at Temple University (care of Alex Goldblum), KRS sets the stage which begins in the post-civil rights era at the peak of the Vietnam war. Nixon is later sworn in. James Brown is hot on the good foot. People were being drafted from ghettos, low economic communities, and rural areas. No longer could families afford women to be stay-at-home moms, and no longer would the next generation allow social norms define what they know they are not in conditional role playing as no names.

Ultimately, a new pissed off generation was born that snatched the baton from the Baby Boomers.

If you know your history of art and music, this restless generation had too much on their minds and hearts to keep it all to themselves. The music got harder, louder, and more emotional. More liberated. More independent. More ethnic. More cultured. More sexual. More rebellious. More proud. More vocal. And funkier. So did the dancing. So did the works of art because this next generation had a name which no number could replace, no poverty could deny, no cookie cutter could control, and no ghetto could contain.

It was free expression versus social oppression with limited resources and unlimited ingenuity.

And then there was Hip Hop; the new road for peace, unity, love, and having fun.

Enjoy this two part lecture from The Teacha, The Apostle of Hip Hop, KRS One!

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