Hip Hop Culture Video Series: Cornell University

Here is a wonderful video series created and posted by Cornell University from several Hip Hop lectures conducted in the past few years. There are many pioneers, scholars, and culture enthusiasts involved with these productions to share their experiences and thoughts to edify us.

This is what a symposium is all about for our people to reach one, teach one as a collective. When two or more seasoned, passionate Hip Hop heads collaborate together something special, creative, ingenious, or enlightening can happen for the culture. This is because Hip Hop in general is fueled by group orientation and community involvement. Hip Hop is generally viewed as forms of street aesthetics but at its root it has always been of form of ill communication by the experiences of its people; many walks of life sharing and expressing their experiences.

I want you to enjoy these lectures regardless of their facts, opinions, truths, and debates. When you are done watching these videos, gather up your collective of Hip Hop heads and break bread with their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  Something wonderful and enlightening just may come from your cypher, too!

It would not hurt to video tape your gathering, and post it online. If you do, give us a shout on the FRESHH page, and we may consider it to share with the world on your behalf.

Are you down or what?

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