The Hip Hop Files: A Short Piece On Martha Cooper

I found this fantastic short film about The First Media Queen of Hip Hop, Martha Cooper, and her 2004 published chronicle, The Hip Hop Files: Photographs, 1979-1984. This is a wonderful close up to get to know a little bit more about one of the most influential people in the history of the culture thanks to her photo journalism documenting the early days of Hip Hop in New York City.

I am a big fan of her works, and naturally a huge fan of her esteemed collaboration with Henry Chalfant, Subway Art. Thanks to her love of art and her curiosity and immersion into the lives of the NYC youth, Martha has tremendously helped write the story of our culture with visual innocence. From graff art and b-boying to the DJs and MCs who rocked the crowds so viciously, Martha  Cooper wins again! The Hip Hop Files are without a doubt another excellent looking glass to view the roots of Hip Hop at its original candidness.

And when you get to see these colorful old school photos during the video, the famous words of Old Dirty Bastard will come to mind;

“Oh, baby, I like it RAW!”

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