Home Grown Hip Hop: Documentary Of The UK Family

I personally love the passion and life breathed into Hip Hop from our family over in the United Kingdom and Europe. There is a more serious involvement in it as a daily renaissance from the new jack youth to the more seasoned heads. These brothers and sisters have been in it to win it since they caught the bug during the 1980s, and they never looked back.

Europe knows Hip Hop culture! They live it with no trendiness attached to it.

I love seeing the Graff burners from Ireland to Germany. I am in awe when I see the B-Boys rocking from Russia to Portugal. I bug the hell out from the spitters flowing from London to Denmark. And I indulge the sounds and creativity on display from DJs in Madrid to Amsterdam down to Athens.

Our family in Europe is dope, and I am proud of them all! They get it!

I found this UK documentary who should really pay attention to. When you see these Brits interview and perform you know they ain’t no posers.They are straight up real with no sugar coating.

When you see a mango, pick a mango, and then eat a mango; it better damn well taste like a mango, too! In the UK there is no frontin’ allowed no doubt. You better have a spine to back it up!


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