How To Clone Your Vinyl Record Collection By Mold Casting

I found this article on, c/o, about making physical duplicates of vinyl records by casting a mold. I know some naysayers are saying, “we live in a digital age, and we should just conform to copying songs through a USB linked turntable (blah blah blah), but why should we limit ourselves? Why should any traditionalist audiophile give up on the warm sound of analog music playing off of a record? I know many true school DJ would resent having to give up their entire collection to store songs on a hard drive while resorting to Serato Scratch Live.

Well for those of us curious on how to make duplicates of rare vinyl records, or you need a second 12 inch single for back-spinning, then you got to check this article out. Mike Senese presents a do-it-yourself, step by step process on how you can create your own vinyl copy of any LP you own! Working with ingenuity with limited resources is definitely an essential ingredient in Hip Hop culture. You got to love this knowledge if you are burning out some of your break beat plates.

You don’t believe me? Take a look right here! Give us some feedback on how this tutorial helped you with your record collection.


The product displayed below is the mold casting kit by Smooth On, Inc. They provide both liquid plastic and silicone that is used to create vinyl LP duplicates.

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