Iz the Wiz: Legendary All-City Bomber Passes at 50

Iz the WizMichael “Iz the Wiz” Martin, recently passed Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from heart failure. He passed in the state of Florida at age 50.

I will not go into details about the news because there is already enough written by those close to him on other sites. What I will do is provide links to credible sites who have the scoop and history on the notorious All-City King and Master Blaster of the throw up pieces. I will also post some videos for more insight on the legend of Iz the Wiz.

We need to learn more from the old school pioneers because they are our true natural resources to maintain and uphold the Hip Hop culture. They are our wealth of cultural history.

Thank you, Iz the Wiz, for burning up the lines and helping establish the culture as the original Master Blaster. Peace.

12 ounce Prophet entry by KET

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop entry by Jeff Chang

@149 Street history cap and interview

Iz the Wiz.com and Myspace page


Iz the Wiz Bombing One Last Train

Iz the Wiz on NYC Graffiti

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