Kung Fu Saturdays: Killer Clans

Today we have another Shaw Brothers film, Killer Clans, directed by Chu Yuan and choreographed by Yeun Cheung Yan (brother wire fu master, Woo Ping.) The story is based on a novel about two feuding clans who in the midst of a power struggle interlaced with betrayal and treachery. If you have a thing for conspiracies in big corporate companies and trifling women, then you will love how this story plays out.

Killer Clans is a movie directed towards drama and swordplay than the usual Chang Cheh testosterone charged plot-lines, but the film was shot with a larger budget, elaborate costumes, and less staging. There are many popular faces in this film you may have seen from previous Shaw Brothers collections. To name a few we have the likes of Chung Wa, Yueh Hua, Wang Chung, Lo Lieh, Yeung Chi Hing, and Norman Chu in some pretty damn good fight scenes.

This film is an excellent addition to your movie collection in the spirit of the dramatic style kung fu movies of today like The House of Flying Daggers and The Storm Riders. If you enjoyed those flicks I do not see why you will not like this one too!

One last note, this movie has some brief sexual content and nudity, and parental discretion is advised!


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