Kung Fu Saturdays: 5 Fingers of Death

Before the fame of Bruce Lee, Lo Lieh was Hong Kong’s biggest action star. This multi-talented artist has been involved in over 200 movies as an actor, producer, director, and writer creating many hallowed kung fu classics. He is also known for his famed role in immortalizing the villain Pai Mei in the classic, Clan of the White Lotus. Lo Lieh was the bench mark of Hong Kong action cinema for his intensity, energy, and charisma once he signed with Shaw Brothers Studios in 1962. History was truly in the making.

This week, we introduce to you the first kung fu cult classic that swept North America shortly after the mainstream release of Enter the Dragon. This was the movie that ushered the United States into kung fu mania. Have you ever witnessed the 5 Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer or Number One Fist in the World)? Lo Lieh’s break-through flick that brought kung fu movies to the streets, and since then we never looked back!

If you have never ever seen 5 Fingers of Death, then you ain’t down by law, people! And when you do, you remember the name of the first kung fu superstar in the world, Lo Lieh! He was the cinematic prototype for all martial arts legends ever since! Thanks to his films reaching North America, and the success of future Shaw Brothers releases, the seeds of inspiration were planted for the incoming Hip Hop culture and B-Boy dance.

I will say no more!


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