Kung Fu Saturdays: Avenging Warriors Of Shaolin

This week we have an interesting combination with the infamous character villain Pai Mei and the Venom Mob in Avenging Warriors of Shaolin (aka Shaolin Rescuers.) This Chang Cheh directed film is another continuation of his fascination in the destruction of the Shaolin Temple aftermath and Pai Mei but this time with the Venom Mob.

Much cat and mouse play in this storyline, but the usual humor is there when the Venom Mob engage with one another while the plot line thickens. This is not necessarily one of the greater Venom Mob films, yet it truly is not bad either. When these guys get together you can see they all feed off one another in their scenes.

I know you will enjoy this Shaw Brothers classic kung fu movie. The grand finale never disappoints!


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