Kung Fu Saturdays: Brave Archer 2

I am going to cut to the chase. Several weeks ago we posted the classic kung fu epic, Brave Archer (aka Kung Fu Warlords), starring Alexander Fu Sheng. Well if you watched that flick you obviously have witnessed a true martial arts masterwork. The Brave Archer series of films is an epic that can be retold without changing anything. There is so much drama in these films that they required the casting of almost every kung fu superstar in Hong Kong action cinema for production. Check the credits!

I will leave this much with you to think about regarding the main star, Alexander Fu Sheng, who died so young at the age of 28 from a car accident. He is truly a legend in the same breath as Gordon Liu. I can only imagine how many more films we could have indulged if not for his passing. We were left hanging since his death during the filming of the 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. Only our imaginations exist of what his future films would have been like, but not as painful as Bruce Lee. At least we did get about a decades worth of films from Fu Sheng.

Now, in honor of Alexander Fu Sheng, we will continue this week with Brave Archer 2!


Brave Archer 2
This movie will continue in 11 sequential parts.

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