Kung Fu Saturdays: Clans Of Intrigue

We can never stop showing kung fu films from Shaw Brothers Studios. Although, the plots and themes can be quite predictable, the stories do not always remain the same. No fan of Hong Kong cinema or martial arts films can really complain about the trendsetting work they have done which is why this week we present Clans of Intrigue starring the great Ti Lung! If you love a mystery “whodunnit” intertwined with swordplay action then you will love this flick!

The beginning of the story begins with the assassination of three clan leaders by an unknown assailant who sends letters accusing a high rolling swordsman (Ti Lung) for the killings. After early confrontation, Ti Lung’s character sets out to find who has framed him for these murders before he has his own head delivered on a platter. Sounds easy right? Not when vengeance weaves a fine web for a lone swordsman against the feudal wuxia world!

Get ready for a fun ride with Clans of Intrigue co-starring Yueh Hua, Ku Feng, Ling Yun, and Tien Ching. If you love a good story then you gotta dig this flick!


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