Kung Fu Saturdays: Drunken Master

Welcome back to Kung Fu Saturdays! This week we are going to indulge on some Woo Ping style classic choreography with the world’s number one action hero, Jackie Chan, in Drunken Master (aka Drunk Monkey in Tiger’s Eye)! This is probably one of the most famous classic films that put Jackie over the top as a non-tough guy style role commonly seen in kung fu flicks. Thus a new action-star was born!

Out of all of the many great kung fu movie legends, Jackie Chan is the biggest star to put a smile on your face, yet he is also the biggest daredevil to make you gasp from astonishment! His vaudeville showmanship of physical comedy, slapstick, improvisation, and death defying stunts is why Jackie is the most versatile of all Hong Kong Action Cinema legends. He is the longest running, most- active star in martial arts films since the 1970s, and often he plays the laymen turned accidental hero.

Drunken Master was such a success the movie has inspired and spawned several films and character spin-offs for years to come.  It is considered as somewhat of a sequel to Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow starring the same entire cast as in today’s movie. For a tid-bit of trivia, this is another film paying homage to the Chinese legend of Wong Fei Hung as the main character.

Now stay sober and watch Drunken Master. Enjoy!

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