Kung Fu Saturdays: Executioners From Shaolin

Pai Mei is back in one of the most essential kung fu classic movies; Executioners From Shaolin (aka Executioners of Death.) This is a Lau Kar Leung directed film where he is also obviously choreographing. Lots of great fight scenes throughout this story where vengeance is inherited from Shaolin master to student to son. Pai Mei is a trip in this film where he has mastered an internal technique to protect his vitals. You just have to see it to believe it!

If you are big into tiger and crane style fighting then this is a must see flick! If you have never seen the tiger and crane mixed together in a fight scene, then you really must see this flick!

I am a big fan of Pai Mei in any kung fu movie. He is the biggest villain of all of Hong Kong action cinema in my opinion. This guy is not just a bad man, but he is also an arrogant, cocky, powerful, and hardcore bastard who I can never wait to see get his! Lo Lieh is probably the best Pai Mei ever especially when he grins and laughs. Damn, he is such a jerk. That is why he is my favorite villain in kung fu flicks!

The compete line of stars includes Lo Lieh, Chen Kuan Tai, Lily Li, Wong Yu, Kong Do, Chen Hong Yip, John Cheung Ng Long, Shum Lo, Fung Hak On, and a brief key moment from Gordon Liu.

Enjoy Executioners From Shaolin. Pai Mei is waiting for you! Muah Ha Ha Ha!

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