Kung Fu Saturdays: Kid With The Golden Arm

Kid With The Golden ArmThe Venom Mob is back for this new episode of Kung Fu Saturdays; Kid With The Golden Arm! Although this movie is less sadistic than Five Deadly Venoms, the fantasy element of supernatural Kung Fu movies is here! We have four major villains by the names of Silver Spear, Iron Robe, Brass Head, and their leader, Golden Arm, united in an outlaw gang that is dreaded by the government.

The story is like that of an old western film when Golden Arm, and his gang, set out to steal gold being delivered by a government escort to help a famine stricken part of the country. The escorts are heralded warriors known as Iron Feet, Long Axe, Short Axe, Miss Leng, Ming, and Drunken Master Hai To. When these two groups clash it is purely fantastic kung fu action with every blood spurting drop!

The big fight for the gold comes with a greater price as you will truly enjoy the Kid With The Golden Arm!

Kid With The Golden Arm

Continue watching this film in 7 sequential parts.

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