Kung Fu Saturdays: Last Hurrah For Chivalry

This week’s installment of Kung Fu Saturday’s comes from the worldwide legendary director / producer John Woo in Last Hurrah For Chivalry. The tenth movie in his four decade production onslaught of action films, Last Hurrah For Chivalry pays homage to Woo’s mentor Chang Cheh whom he was an assistant director for at Shaw Brothers Studios before signing with Golden Harvest.

This is a very colorful, wonderful classic kung fu film that is truly a looking glass to John Woo’s soon to be legendary fixture in international cinema. Before his famed A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Mission Impossible II, Last Hurrah For Chivalry should be honored as a classic Kung Fu cinema flick prior to his latter achievements.

This films stars Hong Kong action greats Wei Pai (of the Venom Mob fame) and Damian Lau. Get ready because here they come!


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