Kung Fu Saturdays: Marco Polo

Marco Polo, Four AssassinsKung Fu Saturdays is back after our three month hiatus! We got another Alexander Fu Sheng classic for you this week in Marco Polo (aka The Four Assassins)! This Shaw Brothers film, directed by Chang Cheh and choreographed by Lau Kar Leung, is based on the Venetian explorer Marco Polo venturing into China. Historically, China was under Mongol rule of Kublai Khan when Marco Polo visited, but this film is based on the latter Manchu Dynasty for this story’s setting and Polo’s affiliation.

This is another excellent traditional Kung Fu film pitting the imperial menace against our heroes of the film. What is great about this flick is its special casting. Other than Fu Sheng, we have Marco Polo starred by American actor Richard Harrison, the legendary Carter Wong, Gordon Liu (as a villain), Chi Kuan-Chun, original venom Philip Kwok, Wang Lung-Wei, Leung Kar Yan, and Billy Tang. Truly a wonderful movie for your martial arts collection!

A special note on this film is the departure of Lau Kar Leung from Chang Cheh’s production in the midst of filming to start his own production career. And as anyone who loves these films, Lau Kar Leung became a legendary success!


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