Kung Fu Saturdays: Mystery Of Chessboxing

This week we have another Wu Tang Clan inspired Kung Fu classic, Mystery of Chessboxing (aka Ninja Checkmate), starring Li Mi Yin, Mark Long, Jack Long, and Simon Yuen. This is the movie that also includes the villain, the Ghost Face Killer, who inspired the same name undertaking of one of the Wu’s notorious members.

This movie is about a young man, Ah Pao, who wishes to learn kung fu to avenge his father’s death who was killed by the hands of the Ghost Face Killer. Unfortunately he gets kicked out of school but gets referred by the school’s cook to see an old chess master, Chi Sue Tin, for continued training. It turns out the old chess master is an old arch rival to the Ghost Face Killer. Chi Sue Tin teaches Ah Pao about the concepts and principles of chess to be intellectually incorporated into his training to fight, and later student and master join forces to take on the Ghost Face Killer.

The ending “double-horse” fight scene of the film slightly reminds me of the student and master tag-team in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace the way the two orchestrate their moves. I can see how this relationship can be inspiring to other action films. Of course there is no sword play but this film has one of the greatest finales because of Ah Pao and Chi Sue Tin’s combination.

But most of all, you will understand why the Hip Hop culture has an emcee who takes on the name of this bad ass heel, the Ghost Face Killer! He truly is a force to be reckoned!


Mystery of Chessboxing

This video will play in nine sequential parts.

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