Kung Fu Saturdays: Opium And The Kung Fu Master

We are about to bring you one of the last series of productions from Shaw Brothers Studios released in 1984. No, this is not a Chang Cheh production, but it does star one of the great kung fu action stars of its time, Ti Lung, as one of the Ten Tigers of Kwangtung. Get ready for another dope Hong Kong cinema classic, Opium and the Kung Fu Master (aka Lightning Fists of Shaolin.) You are in for another unique theme twist involving the affects of drug addiction.

Shaw Brothers produced an onslaught of films from 1952 until 1985, but the final two years were not up to par compared to its valiant run prior to 1983. The ring of the death bell clearly was being heard in 1984 and 1985 ending a solid run. The good news is Opium and the Kung Fu Master shows they still had some gas left in the tank to go out swinging!

I hope you enjoy this interesting flick where our hero gets tricked into taking opium thereby diminishing his excellent skills. But all hell breaks loose when Ti Lung goes cold turkey. You better not miss this wonderful classic of kung fu cinema!


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