Kung Fu Saturdays: Shaolin Deadly Kicks

Lo Lieh is back as the main villain in Shaolin Deadly Kicks ( aka Flash Legs.) This movie is about a gang of robbers called the Eight Dragons who steal a treasure map during a robbery gone bad. The owners of the map are killed, and the gang members decided to lay low for three years until they reunite when the smoke has cleared to recover the fortune.

The character Fong Yee is the hero of the film who infiltrates the Eight Dragons to disrupt their organization and bring them to justice. Like many other old school kung fu movies, this story’s objective is never cut and dry because the plot begins to twist in favor of the villains. I can not say anymore because that will take the fun away from this film. I will shut up but you have to watch it. Lo Lieh is one of the greatest bad asses in kung fu movies and he will show you why he is Hong Kong cinema’s original kung fu icon!

Enjoy Shaolin Deadly Kicks!

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