Kung Fu Saturdays: Ten Tigers of Kwangtung

Ten Tigers of KwangtungFor anyone who is old school, watching martial arts movies on Saturday or Sunday afternoons was a big deal. As kids, all of the fellas in the neighborhood would huddle around the television set to trip out on the next bad boy showdown. Kung fu flicks to us in the 1970s and 80s was what westerns were to our baby booming parents. Both genres were very identical. There was always a clear line of right and wrong in these movies with characters representing honor, betrayal, chivalry, greed, compassion, evil, righteousness, vengeance, justice, and the lust for power. This thin line between the two genres explains why The Seven Samurai inspired the making of The Magnificent Seven.

For today’s edition of Kung Fu Saturdays, Old School Scholar present another pure classic; Ten Tigers of Kwangtung [aka Ten Flying Tigers.] This Shaw Brothers movie has almost all of the greatest kung fu casts of its era starring the Venom Mob,Ti Lung, and Fu Sheng. There is lots of action here taking place during two generational periods which originally begins with the protection of a political revolutionary from the government of the Qing Dynasty.

In this tale vengeance becomes an inheritance. Now go and enjoy another Kung Fu Saturday classic flick!

Ten Tigers of Kwangtung

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