Kung Fu Saturdays: The Sword

We have a Golden Harvest production this week around called The Sword, starring Adam Cheng and produced by Raymond Chow. If you are in the mood for some fantastic swordplay, beautiful scenes, Shakespearean drama, and Wuxia themes, then you got to watch The Sword! It is a true Golden Harvest quality film for your collection!

There is no over whelming fight scenes with crazy immortal characters or an over indulgence of over the top kung fu styles. No, it is a much more beautiful film than what we are use to here. There is some good drama, very green jealousy, wickedness, stubbornness, and nobility all wrapped together which builds up into an excellent fight scene in the story’s climax.

If you have ever watched a Golden Harvest kung fu movie, there films are more character driven by personality of the hero and villain. There is more depth and emotion with their productions which has catapulted how kung fu movies are made today. Have you ever enjoyed The Storm Riders or Once Upon A Time In China?

Anyways, kick back and enjoy The Sword!

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