Ladies Last?

Lady Pink - First Lady of Graff WritingIs it me, or do we seem to keep our ladies in Hip Hop on mute? Why is it that their gift is not as loud as the others? From what I’ve heard, Lady Pink is a well known Graff Artist, but did you see what I just wrote? “From what I’ve heard.”

There are some females who B-Boy, but why are they so quiet? There are some female DJ’s, but the one who made the most noise was Spinderella. Don’t tell me that the only chance they have to make a name for themselves in Hip Hop is on the microphone! I truly believe that all humans are born with a gift. If your gift can be displayed through Hip Hop, then so be it!

Let us say for a sec that your gift can be shown on the microphone. In my opinion, there were four female solo artists in Hip Hop that stood out to me over the rest. They were Sha Rock, Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte and Yo Yo. With that being said, ask yourself this, “Is my gift louder than theirs?” Come up with your own rap style; not just a persona, and then you will stand out. Always remember that sex appeal does not sell lyrical skills!

As for the other females of Hip Hop, we would like to say this to you; If you have no other avenue to display your gift, well, you have just found one.

If you’re a Graff Artist, feel free to send us your portfolio or a link. The staff will review it, and if it’s authentic dopeness, we will gladly add it to our gallery along with your bio or story. If you’re a B-Girl who can hang with the boys, feel free to send us a short video of your skills. If it stuns us we will proudly display it along with your bio. The same goes for DJs and MCs.

Old School Scholar believes that when it comes to the ladies of Hip Hop, the mute button is broken and the volume is cranked up!

France Vs Japan B-Girl Final at BOTY 2007

B-Girls @ Zero Gravity 6

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