Land of the Rising Funk: Hip Hop Culture in Japan

If there has been one country who first fully and fanatically embraced the Hip Hop culture in Asia it must be Japan. It is no wonder why it has become such a powerful form of expression for the Japanese youth. No matter if it is Graff Writing, Turntablism, B-Boying, MCing, or any other form of the cultural aesthetics, Hip Hop has been engaged as a serious creative discipline. There are many examples of greatness of its liberating youth movement and sport throughout The Land of the Rising Sun.

Below are five videos demonstrating the expression, beauty, evolution, and popularity of Hip Hop’s true school influence with the youth and artists of Japan. The following footage is also a prime example why Japan [ including South Korea and now China ] is a major attractive hotbed for many artists and performers around the world. The Hip Hop culture is extremely alive and well with much cultivation from battling and exposition throughout this island nation.


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