Mixtape, Inc: Documentary Of Culture Versus Recording Industry

Today we bring to you a documentary, Mixtape, Inc. [by Walter Bell], that basically epitomizes why current Hip Hop recording artists should create their own independent labels, production companies, and LEARN how to manage and maximize internet marketing. Artists can gain more control of their music, and they will definitely make more revenue from their own sales contrary to what a label will pay if they became their own business entity.

Do not get it twisted, the recording industry does not like the Hip Hop culture the way it was prior to 2001 when there was real competition and independence. They hate us (although they do LOVE rappers who don’t know their roots because they’re easier to pimp and market.)

When you watch this flick please take off your scully, put on your business hat, and think about controlling the supply chain. That is what this is all about. This is why the recording industry has hated DJs since day one! The moment Hip Hop music began to form and sign with recording labels, they have tried time and again to remove the DJ from the music and the Emcee. Ask Grandmaster Flash about his life with Sugar Hill Records! Hell, go buy and read The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash: My Life, My Beats for yourself!

Anyways, just forget about what you have heard, or fantasized, or pondered about the recording industry and Hip Hop being in bed together. They are not. Only Hip Pop. You will see some suckers in this video yet this is not about the artists. This is strictly about being your own entrepreneur, handling your own business, controlling your own success, and signing your own damn checks!

The recording industry is not a welfare pipeline for any Hip Hop recording artist’s success. It is a struggling dinosaur who NEEDS any kind of cookie-cutter recording puppet they can market MORE than that ignorant sucker needs them! If this was not true why are they trying to arrest anyone who is doing stable “Mom and Pop” business on the grass roots level with the likes of mixtapes and suing grannies for mp3 downloads? It kills their market share.

What the streets make; the recording industry rapes…with the help of someone who will sell their culture.


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