Nelly vs The Truth

I ran across something by Nelly the other day on the BET Blog that I found quite interesting, and it falls in line with my article Who’s really in charge? He was making reference to Hip Hop vs. America in which he took part last fall, and He goes on a tirade about how America wants to ban Hip Hop, gangsta rap especially, because they can’t control it.

Nelly is another mass product controlled by Corporate AmericaNelly, my brother, you are in complete denial. You are already controlled! You are controlled not by America, but by Corporate America who controls rap music and YOU! They have a receipt for your behind marked Paid For In Full.

I’ve seen the debate, and Nelly and T.I. didn’t come right out and say it, but they implied that they have no control over what they put out. To paraphrase T.I.,

“If we do a video with teachers in jackets and long skirts, BET will say to us, What are you doing? We can’t sell this.”

If that’s not saying “we don’t run the game”I don’t know what does! They are not true artists! They are manufacturers of a product that CEOs package and sell in bulk!

Nelly is in a position in which he has to defend His bread and butter. He currently sits at the table with “Master” sharing in a fraction of the spoils. But let Him decide to change the content of his music to a more positive tone and the bitter truth will smack him right between the eyes! Nelly, your corporate bosses are responsible for your success. They mass market you and make sure that your songs and videos are played in heavy rotation. Mess with the formula and they can destroy your career without breaking a sweat. Meditate on that for a moment and tell me I’m wrong!

That’s just my opinion, but I think I’m right!

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