Never Well Deserved

Golden Shit Award for Commercial RapThe last time I watched a music award show on television was back in 1984. It was the American Music Awards. I believe on that show Prince performed Purple Rain live on stage. Also at that time, they didn’t have a rap category either. Neither did the Grammies or any other award show, including MTV.

Of course times have tremendously changed.

Why have I not watched a music award show ever since then? Well in my opinion, music award shows are more of a popularity contest than what they are truly meant to be.

Isn’t it true to say that musicians are to be awarded for their talent, creativity, and originality? I mean, can you honestly answer this; is there anyone that you feel in today’s rap music deserving of such an award based on artistry? If you do, then explain to the readers and faculty of Old School Scholar in what way?

Chubb Rock and Howie T: And The Winner Is...Some rappers in the game now do have some talent. I will give ’em that much. But come on now! Creativity? Originality? I don’t know about your perception. Without these two forms of artistic merit, most rappers winning these awards are extremely weak!

So ask your self, truthfully, do today’s rappers deserve music awards based on talent, creativity, and originality?

In my opinion, for the most part, I say Hell No! They deserve no awards, at least not for being the most artistic.

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