No Expiration Date: Hip Hop, Age, And Reverence

I trip sometimes when I hear shorties talking about when someone is too old in Hip Hop, or how an emcee is so old, when he rhymes he spits dust! This kind of talk sounds twisted and distorted. It does not make sense to me. It would be like a seed damning the roots where it came from, or a Baptist minister dissing Jesus. It is baffling!

There are times I hear that question, “when are you too old for the Hip Hop culture?” My answer is “there is no age limit.

Understand the key word here: culture. Culture means a way of life. The Hip Hop culture is an aesthetic way of life. It is a powerful voice consisting of passion, politics, activism, color, drama, spirituality, comedy, pain, pleasure, celebration, and sometimes chaos. It is a culture that integrates into other cultures and lifestyle practices and then it evolves, but that creation is still Hip Hop! We have Hip Hop personalities from all walks of life, spiritual practices, environments, economic backgrounds, communities, and ethnic groups. Yes, this also includes all ages.

There was a time when LL Cool J (the younger) was dissing Kool Moe Dee (the elder), but the brother knew he got most of his vocabulary style and delivery from Moe Dee (as well as his  partner Special K‘s brother, T La Rock.) For LL to continue the battle records with Moe Dee, from my perspective, was out of his reverence to his elder. Yes, I am positive LL’s ego had much play to make him consistently respond to Moe Dee, but I also believe LL did respect Moe Dee as a worthy opponent even when he did call him an “old sucker punk.” Ultimately, Kool Moe Dee won, but there was reverence to prolong the battle.

Nowadays, I only hear these new jacks dissing more seasoned and rooted icons including some Hip Hop pioneers but not battling them. To me dissing is okay if you are battling in sport. But these sissy bums ain’t battling! These clowns just run to the press, or social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube, or some crappy blog, and spew foolishness. It is the kind of vain hood-rat talk you see when one woman in a club is dissing another because either she looks better than she appears or she has what the other does not. It is chicken head babble! I guess that is what you do when you have no skills!

Right T-Pain? No skills!

Ask Nelly what dissing got him when he crossed KRS One. He had to wear a metaphorical colostomy bag for a while. But I guess your diss was squashed by apologizing on your ballad to Jay Z called “More Careful!” How lame! I guess you have learned a little bit of history from Nelly’s big mistake.

In graff writing, the new jacks revere their predecessors like Tracy 168, Pink, Mode 2, and Crayone. New jack DJs revere Grandmixer DXT, Q Bert, Cash Money, and Charlie Chase . New style B-Boys revere Poppin’ Pete, Ken Swift, Action, and Rubberband Man. But when it comes to rappers, or crunk mutants like T-Pain, they get this diva mentality like a hood-rat in a club! They put their mouths where they do not belong because they have no real talent or skills. They have no history of the culture! They are just using over exposure of gimmicks to pay the bills, and the younger generation who follows them is lead down an avenue of deception and pop candy.

I understand when a kid rebels and disses his parents, but they know where there home is. I also understand the other side of the spectrum, per the video by NY Oil, how an elder gets dissed and rejected as a dead-beat dad by a shortie. I do understand that fact because no one is truly grounded through bastardization, BUT a bastard will eventually respect himself enough to discover his history and lay hold where he came from to know where he is at!

I am not mad at the younger generation as a whole, I just have a problem with those few who do not embrace the culture as whole yet demand full respect!

Speaking as an elder, my generation wants you to succeed and evolve the aesthetics of the Hip Hop culture. We love our new jack kids! Hip Hop is about youth movements, and us “grown heads” are young as well. That is why we are still here to give back to what was given to us! We want you to succeed and enjoy the culture and its people!

Here are two brothers I found bouncing the subject about older rappers and ageism in Hip Hop. They are primarily talking about emcees and rappers which is why I opened up the post with the entire culture as a viewpoint. These are two young brothers who really want to open your minds as well as their own. Best of all they intellectually introduced the personality of reverence in their speak out.

I introduce to you videos from PenSmoke and LetsSpeakHipHop. Enjoy!

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