Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix Two Is Coming Soon!!!

We wish to thank everyone around the world for the huge response, love, and support for our Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix One video we launched nearly a year ago. We have been bombarded continuously by many positive emails and comments, and in return we have made many new friends and alliances. I want you all to know that real Hip Hop will never die thanks to all of the passion, confidence, and consciousness that has been shared with us!

Because you all have showed tremendous love for authentic Hip Hop culture and live it like we do, and because you all have big love for Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix One, the Old School Scholar posse is producing part two!

Yes, you heard it right! We got a sequel in the oven baking like a slow cooked meal! It is simmering in its delicious juices right now!

Our targeted launch date for our new video mega mix will be in May 2010! We will let you know exactly when as a midnight showing Eastern Standard Time.

And so, before we all get to feast on this new big dish, how would you like an appetizer to hold you over for now?

Enjoy our commercial, quick mix created by , GrandSinister Ice, our audio creator of Old School Hip Hop Mega Mix One!

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