Rammellzee: Still One Of The Dopest Live Emcees

I got some dope videos for the family to enjoy to the maximum! I am a big fan of Rammellzee as an overall Hip Hop artist and personality. This brother was indeed a real trendsetter for emcees, graff writers, and street artists alike. My first time hearing him was with K-Rob on that classic old school joint Beat Bop which is still one of my favorites on rotation today before I even saw Wild Style. Regardless of his passing this brother still lives in spirit throughout the Hip Hop culture.

If you are an aspiring emcee who feels he or she is lacking a little juice delivering on the mic, you better listen to the legendary master known as Rammellzee. He was a spitter’s spitter who made every syllable and verbal sound an opportunity to set up the next ill line for heads to choke on! His voice possessed raw believable conviction which is essential for any rhymer to be a great emcee. There were no mistakes with this man on the mic even when it was notably obvious. He truly made each rhyme his own!

It is not always what an emcee says but how he is saying it. That is why Rammellzee is a blessing, y’all!

Rock – Rock On!

Shout out to Respect The Architects and Daily Diggers for posting this first video finding. It was the first time I have ever seen or heard this video. I love it!

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