Rare Video Of DJ Cheese: 1986 DMC World DJ Champ

DJ Cheese 1986 DMC DJ CHAMPI got to give props for Bust The Facts, care of DMC Showcases, for posting about this rare footage of DJ Cheese at the 1986 DMC DJ Championship. I do not know about you, but this is a first for me in seeing this video. I am still wondering why I never did any video research for this groundbreaking performance that introduced Hip Hop style turntablism to the DMC competition.

Of course there were more notorious DJs who are even more infamous of ripping the DMC battles like Cash Money, DJ David, Mix Master Mike, Q Bert, Craze, ie Merg, and Kentaro, but Cheese is the first seed who introduced the scratch DJ into the arena for world supremacy.

Remember this video is from 1986, and the DMC DJ Championships is in its second year. The crowd has never seen an authentic Hip Hop DJ in battle mode before, and the DMC battles were never the same ever again.

Believe me when I say this, “you are in for a treat!”

DMC Showcases – The History Of DMC World Champions on MUZU.

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  1. JapanSoc - September 8, 2009

    Rare Video Of DJ Cheese: 1986 DMC World DJ Champ…

    Here is a rare video footage of DJ Cheese winning the 1986 DMC DJ Battles. DJ Cheese is the first Hip Hop DJ to win this competition thereby changing the game and notoriety of the DMC championship….

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