Real Hip Hop In Africa: Senegal Rocks To The Breaka Dawn!

There are several articles on our site addressing the essence of the Hip Hop culture and music in regards to passion, consciousness, activism, communication, craftsmanship, skill, competition, and community. Check our Archives page. One thing I, myself, have constantly been aware of is how the international community outside of the United States have embraced that essence with absolute fervor. The Hip Hop culture is alive and well with much expression and liberation by many people of all nations. For those people who loosely spew those ridiculous words, “Hip Hop is Dead,” should simply realize it is they who are dead; bound and gagged by their culture-less, soulless, mindless arrogance!

Tell that to Nas who was clearly referring to Hip Hop music being killed by American commercialization and heartless consumerism.

Moreover, tell that to the rest of the world who are maximizing and living the culture as it was meant to be lived!

Tell that to these brothers in Dakar, Senegal off of the Cape Verde’ Peninsula in West Africa. Tell them Hip Hop is dead when they are very much alive and well breathing its vapors and exhaling its fire from their bellies. Their wells are running deep in the essence of the Hip Hop culture. It is making them life from limited resources and adversity.These brothers in Dakar need no maintenance plans and pipe dreams to convince anyone they are “keeping it real.” Life in Senegal stares in these brothers faces at every pulse, and Hip Hop is the fire in their eyes to stare right back!

Now, to those buffoons who say it is dead are the ones who have an ailment in their hearts. It is they who flow with what the Pop culture tells them when it snaps and crackles. If you are not busy living the culture, then you are simply dying from it. No sugar or artificial sweeteners allowed to state that truth.

I want everyone to enjoy this six and a half minute small video documenting these emcees from Dakar. This is a piece from a larger film called Democracy in Dakar produced by Nomadic Wax and Sol Productions. I am looking forward to watching this entire documentary. I am grateful to be listening to what these brothers were discussing because they, too, serve as a reminder what the Hip Hop culture is really about.


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